Tripps Travel Network believes that cruises are a great option for travel. They incorporate several stops, activities, and experiences, and sailing on the ocean can be a very relaxing experience. In planning for a cruise vacation, travelers will be preparing for a great trip, and for that, there are many key items to bring that will make all the different when out to sea.

  • Power strip: After checking to make sure a particular ship allows this, it will be an essential items to have. Since cruise ship cabins can be a little small, they do not have many outlets, so being able to charge all electronics or use plug in tools like irons or blow dryers may require some extra power ports.


  • Plastic Baggies: Tripps Travel Network knows that these are good for just about everything. Travelers can pack some snacks before the start of exploration for the day or put toiletries in these so that they do not leak. Small items can also be stored before packing, such as shells picked up on the beach or small souvenirs, so that they do not get lost when packing for the home trip.


  • Flashlight: When cruise ships are out in the ocean, there is the chance of technical difficulties in regards to mechanics. Power outages are a possibility. If this occurs, having a flashlight can prove to be very useful while waiting for power to be restored.

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