Tripps Travel Network provides members with unbeatable values to top destinations around the world, and understands that traveling can be stressful, which is why Tripps Travel Network is providing tips to assist travelers in navigating and understanding airports to make sure that their airport experience is an enjoyable one.


Tripps Travel Network knows that a trip to an airport is how many travelers will begin their vacation. The airport can be a very time-consuming part of travel, however, by following a few simple guidelines, travelers can decrease the time spent getting to the gate. These tips will help travelers breeze through security and make the airport a quick and painless first step to an incredible vacation.


Security is something that is going to be part of every airport trip. Being able to navigate quickly through security can decrease the time spent getting to the gate. In order to make this happen, there are some guidelines to follow. When traveling in the United States, be sure to follow the 3:1:1 rule when it comes to liquids. This rule means three ounces or less of liquid per bottle, one single quart plastic bag to hold all liquids, and one plastic bag per traveler. Following this travel guideline will prevent security from having to go through carry-on luggage and saves time while navigating through the security checkpoint.


Tripps Travel Network reminds travelers that proper identification is essential for all travelers at the airport. All adult passengers are required to show a valid ID at the airport. Without it, travelers will be forced to participate in a rigorous screening process that will increase time spent at the airport and may cause the traveler to be late for flights. Proper identification includes a U.S. Passport, any state or federal issued ID, or a foreign government-issued passport. For a more complete list of proper ID visit the Travel Security Administration website.


Tripps Travel Network wants to make sure all travelers arrive at the airport and make it to the gate in a timely manner.  If travelers are prepared and courteous, there is no doubt that the airport will be an enjoyable experience. To get discounted rates on the vacation of a lifetime, contact Tripps Travel Network for membership information today.