Tripps Travel Network Shares What to Pack When Flying With Children

Tripps Travel Network provides helpful tips to those traveling with children on planes to vacation destinations.


Tourists traveling by plane with kids can make the experience go as smooth as possible thanks to the packing tips given by Tripps Travel Network. There’s no need to dread the plane trip to paradise when packing a few essentials that will make this part of the journey go well.

Tripps Travel Network recommends that those flying with kids bring the following:

·         Toiletries.  Baby wipes can be helpful, and hand sanitizer is a good staple.  Diapers and powder are a must for babies, of course.  Those bringing wee ones along may also want to consider packing travel-size baby shampoo, a detergent stick and extra Ziploc bags in case of spills or accidents.

·         Food.  Prepackaged nonperishable snacks are an invaluable resource on flights.  Ginger candy can ease upset tummies.  Also, gum can prevent earaches when the cabin’s pressure changes.

·         Medicine.  Remember to pack usual medicines as well as antibiotic cream and allergy pills.  Don’t forget emergency items like EpiPens and inhalers if applicable.

·         Games and activities.  Tripps Travel Network suggests packing an entertainment backpack for each traveling child.  Choose half of the items based on the child’s particular interests and playing style.  Books are good for readers.  Coloring books, markers and drawing pads suit artistic kids, while Mad Libs and word puzzles can be fun for tweens.  Let the child choose the other half of the contents.

·         Clothing.  Bringing at least one complete change of clothes for each child is a good idea.  A plane trip can be very exciting for kids; spills, drips and accidents happen.  Being prepared can significantly reduce anxiety.

·         Proper documentation.  Each child’s passport and identification cards should be kept in a secure, yet accessible place within the accompanying adult’s reach.  Tripps Travel Network notes, plastic passport sleeves may work well.  Noncustodial parents should bring notarized proof that they have parental consent to travel with the child and seek medical treatment for the child if necessary.

Traveling to a fun destination can be easier than ever.  Just by packing some simple items, both children and adults can relax and enjoy their plane rides.  Tripps Travel Network is pleased to be able to share this helpful information.

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