Tripps Travel Network reviews the best things to do in Venice. Two years ago, my husband and I spent 16 days in Italy on an exciting vacation throughout northern Italy arranged by Tripps Travel Network. One of my absolute favorite European cities was on the itinerary which was Venice. For people who have never had the pleasure of exploring this World UNESCO heritage site, it is a collection of islands that are linked together by canals and bridges. We arrived by train and walked out of the train station to be greeted by the Grand Canal, which is their primary avenue of transportation. So instead of buses, cars or trains, in Venice, you take boats or gondolas.

Grand Canal In Venice with Santa Maria della Salute Basilica, by Tripps Travel Network

Beautifull nightlife of the Canals in Venice

Tripps Travel Network had arranged transportation to our hotel so the first site everyone should visit is the famous Rialto Bridge. The beauty of the bridge, it’s long history, and the fantastic shopping and dining that surround it are all great reasons to make this a definite stop on any traveler’s list.

Next, our perhaps what should be first on everyone’s list was Saint Mark’s Square, or as the Italian’s call it Piazzo San Marco. It is the largest open area square with multiple cafes and shops but also is home to both Saint Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. Our friends at Tripps Travel Network had advised us to go early as the lines to both attractions can get longer as the day goes on, and they were right.

Basilica of Saint Mark and the Bell Tower at night, by Tripps Travel Network

The magnificent St. Mark’s square

You can easily spend a full day at these two sites and then take a leisurely stroll through the square and beyond to find dinner options of every type. The Italian people are very gracious and welcoming, so we ate and drank slowly knowing that by the time we walked back, we would see the St Mark’s Square and it was beyond beautiful.

Square of the Holy Mark (Piazza San Marco) and St. Mark's Cathedral (Basilica di San Marco) by Tripps Travel Network

St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice

The third and final day of our trip was just as magically prepared by Tripps Travel Network as we spent half the day on the island of Murano watching the master artesian glass blowers that have been world renown for centuries. Their beautiful creations became my souvenirs and gifts, and they make it extremely easy for you to ship larger pieces home, although it may take a few week to arrive.

The church of San Giorgio Maggiore on Isola San Giorgio Venice visited by Tripps Tracel Network

Beautifull San Giorgio Maggiore church at night

Later that afternoon, we finally took the classic Gondola ride and enjoyed going down some of the smaller canals and seeing more of the neighborhoods where the locals live. Our Gondola driver even sang to us and stopped under a bridge so we could have a classic lovers’ kiss hidden away from everyone else. Venice is something to add to your bucket list.

Gondola in canal, by Tripps Travel Network

Enjoy gondola ride through the Canals

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