Tripps Travel Network, a leading luxury vacation provider, is pleased to advise travelers on the getaway afforded by Cancun, Mexico this January. Travelers looking to avoid the snow this January should definitely visit Cancun, voted the Best of the Best by the World Tourism Organization.

Tripps Travel Network’s number one reason for recommending Cancun for a getaway in January is because of its climate. Cancun is on the Yucatan peninsula, on the southern coast. It is on the Caribbean Sea. The temperature here is moderate all year round. The annual mean temperature is in the low 80’s. January is typically cooler than that with the sea breezes keeping Cancun from ever getting to warm or too cold for that matter.

Tripps Travel Network hopes all travelers visit Cancun’s famous island tourist zone that boasts white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. This is actually part of the world’s second largest coral reef, a beautiful place to snorkel or scuba dive. Cancun actually offers some of the best scuba diving, snorkeling and even sport fishing in the world.

Cancun has pre-Columbian roots and was home to the Maya. Tripps Travel Network suggests visiting the many archeological sites around Cancun. El Meco is a large archeological site located just outside the city limits. Visit with nature here and be amazed at the building prowess of the Maya, the only stone age culture to have been so urbanized or to have had writing.

Tripps Travel Network thinks a trip to Cancun would not be complete without a visit to “El Centro”, or downtown. Organized into superblocks, the city is made up of giant trapezoids with common areas in the center like a park or soccer field. The city is bicycle friendly and packed with restaurants and night clubs. The hotel zone in Cancun is the place to hear live bands and d.j.’s that play salsa, rhythm and blues and even disco. Tripps Travel Network invites all travelers to visit Cancun!