Tripps Travel Network offers these little tips to help travelers get the most from the vacation they waited all year for.

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If you are at home, you know what time the bank opens and what times your favorite stores are open.

If you are traveling in Mexico, you may be caught by surprise if you do not know the way that businesses work ahead of time. Mexicans and many European countries are famous for taking siestas in the middle of the day, and this causes many tourists a lot of heartaches.

Tripps Travel Network offers a list of operating hours for many things that tourists are looking for in Mexico.

Shops :

 In the big cities and tourist areas, most shops open up at 10 or 11 in the morning. They will stay open until late in the evening to garner the most business they can from tourists. Smaller towns are a different story. Their many companies will close between 2 and 4 pm for a midday siesta. Do not be surprised if you see this happen.

Churches :

Some churches are always open and will list the times they hold services. Precious Memories Network points out that many churches keep their doors locked except during the services to protect their valuables.

Roman Catholic Church

Museums :

 Most museums are open in mid-morning similar to the shops, but they close early in the evening. Many are closed at least one day of the week, and that is often on a Monday.

Archaeology sites :

Most are open from 8 am to 5 pm, although in dense tourist areas and seasons, those hours can be extended. Tripps Travel Network advises travelers that it is also common for them to be closed on Mondays.

You can always check with the resort concierge when you venture around. They have the most knowledge. Try to return by dark since some roads are not as lite as you would expect, and there may be livestock on the way.

Tripps Travel Network wants your vacation experience always to be the best it can be. Safe travels from your friends at Tripps.

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