The large number of museums, parks, traditional neighborhoods, monuments, cultural centers and historical buildings in Mexico will not give visitors enough time to feel bored. The city is full of interesting sites, giving many options to visit depending on the personal preferences of the traveler. Apart from these cultural and historical places, there are also many theaters for dance and music lovers as well. You can also enjoy the lovely nightlife of Mexico City with buzzing nightclubs, bars and musical events. Tripps Travel Network is sharing the best ways to navigate the city and some of the most popular times to visit in order for vacationers to get the most out of their getaway.

City Transportation

To navigate the various Mexican Cities, you can use public transport means such as metro, taxis or buses. If you want to cut the cost of transportation, and want to use your change to purchase things and services that the cities have to offer, then the cheapest mode of transportation is the Metro. This covers 175 different places in 11 different lines. As it is with other American cities, you can buy tickets to use on different lines rather than buying tickets one on each line.

Tripps Travel Network recommends trying eco-friendly transportation to reduce the pollution such as eco-friendly trolleybuses, light rail and the Metro buses as well. Make sure you study the maps beforehand and know where each bus is going in order to avoid getting lost and wasting precious time.

Best time to travel
In April and May, the climate remains hot in Mexico City. Tripps Travel Network shares one of the most popular times to visit the city are during July and August as the climate at that time is much more pleasant. But remember, June through October presents Mexico’s rainy season, so it might be best to avoid planning your trip during this time.