Tripps Travel Network Highlights Best Souvenirs to Shop for When in Mexico

Shopping when traveling is a popular activity, and now Tripps Travel Network shares what to look for when visiting Mexico.

Come back from Mexico with a trove of treasures when following the shopping guide provided by Tripps Travel Network.  This country houses many talented artisans and sought-after materials that tourists can appreciate.

·         Art.  Painted animals carved out of wood called alebrijes are popular here.  Wooden masks depicting animals, devils and mythical creatures are also popular, as are those celebrating lucha libre.  Masks can also be carved out of stone or contain semi-precious stones, adds Tripps Travel Network.  Arts and crafts are also available throughout the country.

·         Liquor.  Mexico is known for premium tequila.  This quality spirit comes out of Jalisco and is made from the blue agave plant.

·         Textiles.  Patterned carpets used as wall hangings are a staple in Mexican décor.  Potholders, embroidered attire, tablecloths, placemats and napkins may also be finely crafted and available at reasonable prices.  Woven blankets and rugs can make long-lasting souvenirs as well.

·         Ingredients.  Any cook can find quality ingredients in this Latin American country.  Vanilla is a must for any proper kitchen, and flavor from the flat-leaf species is available in Mexico.  This type of vanilla has sweet, woodsy notes and is quite smooth.  Dulce de leche is like a milky version of caramel and can also be found here.  Mexican chocolate, valued for taste and purity, is harvested from homegrown cacao trees.  Achiote is a local spice used to create earthy flavors in traditional cuisine.

·         Fine metals.  Taxco is the destination for all things silver.  Tourists can find both sterling and fine silver here at much lower prices than in the U.S.  Purchase a handcrafted silver setting for a table of 12 and coordinating wedding bands.  Find copper creations such as vases and platters as well.

·         Pottery.  Talavera tiles, plates, bowls and pottery are typically quality pieces at reasonable prices, notes Tripps Travel Network.  Beautiful stoneware pottery and ceramic sculptures are also widely available.

Mexico can be more than just a scenic place to visit; it can be a shopper’s paradise.  Tripps Travel Network is pleased to highlight some of the best things to buy in this country.