Tripps Travel Network, a leading provider of luxury vacation accommodations, knows that every traveler deserves to have a wonderful vacation a time to remember and bond with your loved ones. This winter, take the opportunity to have just that during a visit to Georgia the great Peach State. Atlanta offers the chance to explore some of the area’s history. Tripps Travel Network mentions that many people might not be aware that this area provides a lot of historical sites that provide both education and excitement for travelers all around the world. A holiday in Atlanta might just be the best way to spend your summer. Here are some of the top spots to visit while in town.

The Coca-Cola Museum, Tripps Travel Network

  • The Coca-Cola Museum
    This a total must see the memorabilia they have is astounding taking you back in time when soda shops were the place to hang out.
  • The CNN tour is a great way to attend the first 24 news channel featuring the excellent morning show hosted by Robin Meade.
  • Joel Chandler Harris House: Also known as the Wren’s Nest, this famous landmark offers the perfect activity for children of all ages. This is the former home of the acclaimed author who penned many children’s books, most famously all of the Brer Rabbit stories. There are daily tours for those who are interested in visiting the home, or visitors can gather every Saturday for storytelling hour. This is a great way to hear some tales and to learn about local history from one of the five Wren’s Nest Ramblers.
  • Swan House: This is one of the most often recognized and photographed in Atlanta, and is the former home of the Edward H. Inman family. Get a glimpse of the Atlanta luxury lifestyle in the roaring 20s at this beautifully restored historic mansion and outdoor gardens.
  • Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum: Located in the historic Grant Park right next to Zoo Atlanta, this is a great place to gather to see some famous artwork. The Atlanta Cyclorama is a very renowned panoramic painting of the Civil War Battle. Spend time in the museum to see rare artifacts and photos from this period.

Tripps Travel Network knows a vacation to Atlanta will be something the whole family can enjoy and give the special memories to last lifetime. Visit Tripps Travel Network today to see how you can take advantage of significant savings and travel more at prices that are very affordable.