Tripps Travel Network knows that the Calgary Stampede is an annual event, named for its location as it takes place each summer in Calgary, Canada. It’s been known as the most excellent outdoor show in Canada and over a million visitors flock to this event which includes a rodeo, music, fantastic food, and other entertainment. This festival and rodeo event has grown in size each year since its start in 1886. Here are just a few of the highlights that help make the Calgary Stampede worth the trip.

Even if you’ve been to a rodeo before, you still probably haven’t experienced one like this. The 10-day festival features 120 athletes who compete in six primary tournaments. While here, you can experience everything from bull-riding and barrel racing, to bareback riding and that’s just the start. With $2 million in prize money, some of the top rodeo athletes from around the world come to compete here according to Tripps Travel Network.

When the sun starts to set, the day at the Stampede is just getting started with energy-packed shows throughout the evening. Each night, a chuckwagon derby takes place followed by the grandstand show. Visitors enjoy acrobatics, singing, dancing, and fireworks that amaze the audiences. The entertainment varies each year, but some of the past notable events include Inuit throat singing, the Alberta Ballet, and other top Canadian talents. There’s a little something for everyone here at each of the nightly activities.

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Tripps Travel Network recommends visiting fireworks at Calgary Stampede

For fans of music, the performances here are ongoing. Calgary Stampede has four concert venues which means that multiple groups are playing at the locations at any given time. Expect to see more than 30 acts perform during ten days. Although country music is a favorite here, there’s a diverse group of acts. Stars like Usher and Whitehorse, the Toronto-based rockers have both performed at the Stampede in the past. So every year you can expect to see a diverse performance lineup according to Tripps Travel Network.

The food here is just as spectacular as the rest of the event. With hundreds of food trucks, beer gardens, and booths, no one could try all of the offerings that make an appearance at the event. The Midway menu includes 40 new and inventive foods such as meter-long sausages and clam chowder poutine. Additionally, visitors can be sure to find any food that can be fried on the menu here. Try the funnel cake poutine and the fried pickles for example.

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No festival would be complete without the rides, and the Calgary Stamped gives visitors a run for their money. The Midway is where most of the rides take place, and you can find a variety of roller coasters from tame to extreme. The Great Wheel is a favorite, and it’s perfect for the whole family as it is a mild ride with fantastic views of the fairgrounds. A recent addition is the Adventure Park that has more interactive activities such as ax-throwing contests, climbing walls, and even paintball. There are numerous activities available for great family fun and adventure.

Tripps Travel Network Recommends Visiting the Calgary Stampede (3)

Although these are a few of the notable events from Calgary Stampede, this is just an overview of some activities featured at this festival according to Tripps Travel Network. Go for the entire 10-day event to experience all that it has to offer or even if you can only make it for a few days it is a fantastic experience you will remember for a lifetime.

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