Tripps Travel Network says that whether you are planning a trip or are just visiting Baltimore, it sure is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday because of its multitude attractions and activities.

This vibrating city is filled with diverse tourist attractions that will delight travelers and newcomers. So when you holiday in Baltimore and explore its endless opportunities, you end up with an entertaining experience.

Tripps Travel Network recommends that the National Aquarium in a source of educational entertainment for families with kids and the major highlight of the aquarium is its Dolphin Show where you get to watch and interact with the Dolphins.

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Smiling dolphin at the National Aquarium

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is said to be the prime attraction for a fun, educational and interactive experience. The aquarium is designed in a four-story tank that is filled with marine life from the Sea Lions to the friendly Dolphins.

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Tropical fishes on the coral reef in the National Aquarium

Our travel experts suggest that the American Visionary Art museum fosters the spirit of imagination in the tourist who are touched by its creative artwork. And the most popular attraction stands out to be its colorful 555-foot tall sculpture known as the “Whirligig.” This is a sizeable wind-powered artwork that stands out, and tourist can’t stop marveling at this piece of art.

Guest enjoy the visit to the Wildflower Garden that houses wooden structures, and this place is full of visionary artwork that is viewed at a leisurely pace to be fully appreciated. Tourist looking for a soulful experience can enjoy a  day of relaxation and natural beauty at the Clyburn Arboretum which is the national park and houses array of seasonal and beautiful flowers that take your breath away. You need to wear comfortable shoes and carry an excellent digital camera when you tour around beautiful Baltimore.

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Some guests always make a point to visit the National Museum Of Dentistry at Baltimore as they can peek through the history of dentistry in an interactive setting. The tourist also enjoys viewing its different exhibits like Terrific Teeth Oral Exhibit and other such creative exhibits.

Our travel experts Say that Baltimore is loaded with beautiful and exciting attractions that add an extra flavor to your vacation plan.