Tripps Travel Network Shares What to Pack When Flying With Children

Tripps Travel Network Shares What to Pack When Flying With Children

Tripps Travel Network provides helpful tips to those traveling with children on planes to vacation destinations.


Tourists traveling by plane with kids can make the experience go as smooth as possible thanks to the packing tips given by Tripps Travel Network. There’s no need to dread the plane trip to paradise when packing a few essentials that will make this part of the journey go well.

Tripps Travel Network recommends that those flying with kids bring the following:

·         Toiletries.  Baby wipes can be helpful, and hand sanitizer is a good staple.  Diapers and powder are a must for babies, of course.  Those bringing wee ones along may also want to consider packing travel-size baby shampoo, a detergent stick and extra Ziploc bags in case of spills or accidents.

·         Food.  Prepackaged nonperishable snacks are an invaluable resource on flights.  Ginger candy can ease upset tummies.  Also, gum can prevent earaches when the cabin’s pressure changes.

·         Medicine.  Remember to pack usual medicines as well as antibiotic cream and allergy pills.  Don’t forget emergency items like EpiPens and inhalers if applicable.

·         Games and activities.  Tripps Travel Network suggests packing an entertainment backpack for each traveling child.  Choose half of the items based on the child’s particular interests and playing style.  Books are good for readers.  Coloring books, markers and drawing pads suit artistic kids, while Mad Libs and word puzzles can be fun for tweens.  Let the child choose the other half of the contents.

·         Clothing.  Bringing at least one complete change of clothes for each child is a good idea.  A plane trip can be very exciting for kids; spills, drips and accidents happen.  Being prepared can significantly reduce anxiety.

·         Proper documentation.  Each child’s passport and identification cards should be kept in a secure, yet accessible place within the accompanying adult’s reach.  Tripps Travel Network notes, plastic passport sleeves may work well.  Noncustodial parents should bring notarized proof that they have parental consent to travel with the child and seek medical treatment for the child if necessary.

Traveling to a fun destination can be easier than ever.  Just by packing some simple items, both children and adults can relax and enjoy their plane rides.  Tripps Travel Network is pleased to be able to share this helpful information.

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Tripps Travel Network Highlights Best Souvenirs to Shop for When in Mexico

Tripps Travel Network Highlights Best Souvenirs to Shop for When in Mexico

Shopping when traveling is a popular activity, and now Tripps Travel Network shares what to look for when visiting Mexico.

Come back from Mexico with a trove of treasures when following the shopping guide provided by Tripps Travel Network.  This country houses many talented artisans and sought-after materials that tourists can appreciate.

·         Art.  Painted animals carved out of wood called alebrijes are popular here.  Wooden masks depicting animals, devils and mythical creatures are also popular, as are those celebrating lucha libre.  Masks can also be carved out of stone or contain semi-precious stones, adds Tripps Travel Network.  Arts and crafts are also available throughout the country.

·         Liquor.  Mexico is known for premium tequila.  This quality spirit comes out of Jalisco and is made from the blue agave plant.

·         Textiles.  Patterned carpets used as wall hangings are a staple in Mexican décor.  Potholders, embroidered attire, tablecloths, placemats and napkins may also be finely crafted and available at reasonable prices.  Woven blankets and rugs can make long-lasting souvenirs as well.

·         Ingredients.  Any cook can find quality ingredients in this Latin American country.  Vanilla is a must for any proper kitchen, and flavor from the flat-leaf species is available in Mexico.  This type of vanilla has sweet, woodsy notes and is quite smooth.  Dulce de leche is like a milky version of caramel and can also be found here.  Mexican chocolate, valued for taste and purity, is harvested from homegrown cacao trees.  Achiote is a local spice used to create earthy flavors in traditional cuisine.

·         Fine metals.  Taxco is the destination for all things silver.  Tourists can find both sterling and fine silver here at much lower prices than in the U.S.  Purchase a handcrafted silver setting for a table of 12 and coordinating wedding bands.  Find copper creations such as vases and platters as well.

·         Pottery.  Talavera tiles, plates, bowls and pottery are typically quality pieces at reasonable prices, notes Tripps Travel Network.  Beautiful stoneware pottery and ceramic sculptures are also widely available.

Mexico can be more than just a scenic place to visit; it can be a shopper’s paradise.  Tripps Travel Network is pleased to highlight some of the best things to buy in this country.

Come Explore the World Let Tripps Travel Network Help Arrange It

Come Explore the World Let Tripps Travel Network Help Arrange It

Come Explore the World Let Tripps Travel Network Help Arrange It

Tripps Travel Network welcomes you to come and explore the best highly sought after holiday destinations.  Taking timeout for a vacation is difficult but with so many spectacular and affordable options available nowadays, vacations are more affordable and on the rise.   You know as well as I that vacations are a retreat away from the daily grind and they boost and revitalizes us.  So Why not become a Tripps Travel Network member and start to explore the world.

Tripps Travel Network can help you find the next ideal holiday destination for you to explore.   Vacations don’t come too often for many of us, so when it’s time to get a way and relax let Tripps Travel Network help you with your next adventure and with incredible options.

Tripps Travel Network is leading the way in travel vacation club services industry, and they have staff available to assist vacationers find their dream vacations.  Its members welcome you to come and enjoy a “Higher Quality of Life” when it comes to vacation and assist you in compiling the most flexible travel plan and accommodation that best fits you or your family’s budgets and needs.

If you want to choose domestic or international destinations, Tripps Travel Network offers a variety of choices, with locations and flexibility with dates that suit you the best.  Members share their experiences and enjoy the resorts, accommodations and options that they have chosen.  If you want the best look no further than Tripps Travel Network for the best vacation experience. For more information please visit

Tripps Travel Network Popular Museums in Manhattan

Tripps Travel Network Popular Museums in Manhattan

Tripps Travel Network Popular Museums in Manhattan

 Manhattan is a city with a diverse culture and offers many attractions and exhibits to support this. It is also the home to dozens of museums that range on topics from comedy, history, art, and more. Tripps Travel Network reviews four of the most popular museums that tourists flock to while in Manhattan which are the Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, and the New York City Library.

The Museum of Natural History can best be remembered in the popular movie, “Night at the Museum,” featuring Ben Stiller locked in the museum when all of the exhibits come to life. Many of the exhibits that were shown in the movie can be seen in real museum. Popular attractions include the Hall of Birds of the World and the Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians.

The Museum of Modern Art, or otherwise known as MoMA, features collections of modern art from all different types of mediums. For those who are avid art lovers, this is a paradise of unique pieces that include performance art, media, prints, sculptures, painting, and architecture.

For those who wish to enjoy artifacts of a different sort, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum is the place to go. This unique museum provides life-like wax figurines of popular celebrities in today’s culture. Set in different zones that highlight themes, the figures are great to take pictures with for an unforgettable memory.

Tripps Travel Network reviews the New York City Library for book lovers. This massive library not only houses millions of items for people to check out and enjoy, but can be considered a museum of sort with its history and beautiful architecture. For more information please visit

Tripps Travel Network Highlights 2015 Christmas Events at Disney Theme Parks

Enjoy a magical trip to Disney with Tripps Travel Network

Enjoy a magical trip to Disney with Tripps Travel Network

Each year, the Walt Disney theme parks around the world transform to fit the holiday cheer. Every park is re-decorated with Christmas lights, trees, and Christmas treats are readily available throughout the parks. Tripps Travel Network is here with the highlights, including which holiday-themed attractions are simply not to be missed.

At Disneyland in California, the Haunted Mansion ride gets a spooky facelift just in time for Christmas. If that sounds a little backwards, Tripps Travel Network points out that Jack Skellington and the crew from The Nightmare Before Christmas are to blame. Jack, Sally, Zero, and all the rest of the Nightmare Before Christmas characters are up to no good in this special holiday ride. Disneyland and Tokyo Disney are the only two parks that partake in this special haunted holiday experience, so fans will have to head to one of those two to experience the ride in all its spooky, holiday cheer.

Tripps Travel Network knows that 2015 is the last year that the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights will be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. To make way for the Star Wars and Toy Story expansions, Hollywood Studios is retiring the holiday event after this year. With that in mind, families who wish to experience the millions of lights on display will not want to skip it in 2015.

At the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party lights up the night during select nights in November and December. The special holiday event requires a separate admission, and runs from 7pm to midnight, and features a Christmas-themed parade, special holiday fireworks, and free treats like cookies and hot chocolate. Tripps Travel Network suggests that families who have young ones visit the Totally Tomorrowland Christmas for plenty of singing and dancing to help bring the kids down off of their cookie and hot chocolate-fueled sugar rush.

EPCOT is home to the World Showcase, a semi-circle of pavilions featuring countries from all around the world. From Canada to Japan, Italy, and Mexico, each country is represented with its own thematic areas as well as shopping and dining experiences. During the holiday months special storytellers come out in each of these countries and explain their country’s version of the Santa Claus character and what sort of traditions they employ around the holidays.

Visiting Disney during the holidays is an excellent choice for families of all ages and Tripps Travel Network is positive that memorable vacation experiences will be had at any one of these holiday events. For more information please visit

Tripps Travel Network Provides You the Suggestions and Techniques of Experiencing a Hiking Holiday

Tripps Travel Network Provides You the Suggestions and Techniques of Experiencing a Hiking Holiday

Tripps Travel Network Provides You the Suggestions and Techniques of Experiencing a Hiking Holiday

Tripps Travel Network members state that through a large view the principles of backpacking will be very straightforward. Because much more than other things a camping journey will be just about all about adaption and acclimation to living in the open air. Generally there can be a number of suggestions and techniques which may help generate the transition less difficult and make your backpacking encounter much more soothing and also enjoyable.

Tripps Travel Network recommends that the camping tent is the focus of pretty much all camping journeys, so in case you can be completely new to hiking encounters a first and foremost matter that you need to do would be to practice to be able to pitch your camping tent well before you visit the campsite. Being able to get it done easily and, properly will be really significant. While pitching your tent, look for a natural bed of soft dirt because this way you’ll be able to sleep a lot more easily in your sleeping bags. Campers can additionally benefit by simply dressing up in layers as it really is the easiest and most effective method to be able to manage your own body temperature particularly in winter season.

Tripps Travel Network recommends the beginner campers to learn to make use of the GPS unit, map and compass. It doesn’t matter how familiar you are with a particular campsite losing your way among acres of similar looking trees and shrubs is really straightforward. Beginner campers must practice the basic outdoor skills using and also sharpening a utility knife, tying a knot and building up a fire. It is this specific knowledge which sets apart amateurs from the seasoned outdoorsmen.

Tripps Travel Network customers believe it is straightforward whenever you start with a large plan for your camping journey and go down from there. First you need to decide upon an amount you may afford and generate a resolution to not exceed it and then you may start budgeting your own massive expenses, such as cuisine, required equipment and campground charges. When campers begin to work their way down to smaller items they appear closer to the spending limit and this specific way you wind up taking pleasure in a great camping encounter even inside a limited budget. For more information please visit

Three Essential Attractions to Visit When Going to Los Angeles this Fall Revealed by Tripps Travel Network

The best places to visit when going to Los Angeles this fall.

The best places to visit when going to Los Angeles this fall.

As the winter months are coming to a close, many travelers believe that the prime vacation season is ending. While winter is certainly one of the most popular times to travel, people should begin to consider taking a trip in the fall. While deciding where to go this fall, vacationers should think about Los Angeles, California and everything that it has to offer. While a majority or tourists focus on going to popular theme parks like Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Six Flags, there are a plethora of great attractions that travelers must see when visiting this terrific city.

  1. Farmers Market: When in Los Angeles, it is always fun to go to the local Farmers Market. This great destination not only offers terrific food and delicious restaurants to eat at, but it is also an ideal place to people watch. While at the market, tourists may even come across a well-known movie star or a famous singer.
  2. Hollywood Boulevard: In order to experience everything that Hollywood has to offer, spend a day at Rodeo Drive. Tripps Travel Network shares that this street is full of famous theaters, exciting attractions, delicious places to eat, and much more. Stop by Madame Tussaud’s to see wax figures of celebrities and movie characters, or go to one of the many theaters in the area to enjoy a terrific performance. Vacationers are also able to take a tour of the celebrity homes, or hop on a bus to explore more of the surrounding areas. Of course, while walking up and down the boulevard, make to sure to look down and take a picture with the many stars that make up the Walk of Fame.
  3. Bike riding: Visit Santa Monica and Venice Beach by taking a bike ride between the two. A bike ride will allow vacationers to stop by both areas and enjoy the fresh air and the salty ocean breeze by taking a leisurely bicycle ride.

 Tripps Travel Network know that while there are many things to do in Los Angeles, these are some of the top places to go and things to do. Guests will be able to soak in the warm sand and cool water at Venice Beach, and can indulge on delectable treats at the Farmers Market. For more information on Tripps Travel Network and its services, please visit

Tripps Travel Network Offers Essentials Tips for Traveling with Kids

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Tips for Traveling with Kids


Family vacations are essential for growing together and having shared memories. However, many travelers find that it can take a little extra planning to have the perfect family vacation, especially for large families. Parents want to make sure that each of their children has the chance to experience their dream vacation, and that the whole group shares experiences that will provide strong memories. These are the makings of an unparalleled vacation. Once travelers have picked the perfect destination for them and their family to appreciate they want to make sure that they are not hung up by any little problems, so Tripps Travel Network would like to help them plan ahead with these top tips for traveling with kids.

  1. Have snacks: Kids get hungry, and when a traveler has many kids traveling with them at the same time, they are all bound to get hungry at different times. Stopping for snacks too often can be inconvenient, costly, and unhealthy, and that is why Tripps Travel Network knows it is essential for travelers to bring along snacks for all their kids when they are on the go. Prepackaged crackers and gummies, cut up fruits and veggies, and trail mix are all great choices.
  2. Plan activities on the go: Kids need to have entertainment when they are on long car rides or have to wait on a plane or in an airport. Tripps Travel Network says that it is important travelers remember this before going on a vacation with the kids because it will help them make sure that they prepare some great entertainment. Tablets pre loaded with games, books, and movies always come in handy. Travelers should also think about letting the kids help customize their vacation entertainment as well by having each of them pick a favorite toy to bring along.
  3. Factor in playtime: Kids need time to run around and have fun on their own even during a vacation. Parents should think about this and consider it when planning the family’s vacation activities. Finally, if the family is in transit for a long time, by car or by plane, make sure there is some break time so that kids can get out and stretch their legs. When traveling by car, make regular stops, and if a plane trip requires connecting flights, make sure that there is at least an hour in between the two flights to let the kids have some break time.

When families take these tips into account it will help kids better enjoy their time on vacation and parents will also have a much more pleasant time as well. For more information on planning every aspect of the perfect family vacation go to

Tripps Travel Network Reviews Popular Las Vegas Strip Attractions

Popular Las Vegas Strip Attractions

Popular Las Vegas Strip Attractions

Las Vegas is a city of gambling and glamour, and is centered around the Las Vegas Strip. Thousands of people each year come to Sin City in hopes of hitting the jackpot, watch famous shows and performances, shop at high-end stores, and party the night away at the many exclusive clubs. With so much to do,  Tripps Travel Network reviews a few recommendations for people who want to hit the strip.

Although Las Vegas is notorious for taking people’s money and being extraordinarily expensive, there are several free shows that a variety of hotels put on. Out in front of the Mirage hotel, a huge volcano simulation is ready to erupt every night between 6 and 11 pm. Bystanders can watch the massive volcano erupt with fiery lava and ash. Another great hotel show is the dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio. These magical fountains go off every 15 minutes during the afternoon and dance to the classical music that blasts from the hotel. This mesmerizing water show is essential when walking along the strip.

Aside from the unique attractions that the luxurious resorts of Las Vegas contain, there are also plenty of other sites on the strip. Tripps Travel Network reviews the M&M Factory and the Coca-Colas Factory, both are huge factories that boast the merchandise of their popular brands. At the M&M Factory, visitors can walk through four floors of chocolate and merchandise, with the opportunity to purchase personalized candies and a chance to see a M&M show. At the Coca-Cola Factory, enthusiasts can try all different kinds of cola and purchase some of their favorite brand souvenirs. With so much to do on the Las Vegas Strip, you will have a great time. For more information on the services that Tripps Travel Network provides visit

Tripps Travel Network Shares Airport Security Tips to Aid Fall Travels

Tripps Travel Network is now revealing ways to make going through airport security simpler and easier.

Tripps Travel Network is now revealing ways to make going through airport security simpler and easier.


Tripps Travel Network strives to provide its members with the best information possible in order to aid them in their fall travels. One of the most time-consuming experiences at the airport is going through the security checkpoint. Waiting in long lines of travelers with lots of carry-on luggage can be a very stressful experience. Tripps Travel Network is now revealing top tips in order to help vacationers get through the security checkpoint process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Wear easily removable clothing

One of the first things that travelers need to do when they get to the security checkpoint is to take off their shoes and outerwear including jackets and sweatshirts. In order to make the process faster, Tripps Travel Network suggests wearing slip-on shoes or shoes that can easily come on and off. The same goes for outerwear including belts and hats.

Don’t forget about jewelry and change

It is oftentimes necessary to place keys, change, and jewelry into the tubs provided at the airport security checkpoints. Tripps Travel Network reminds travelers that just as they should wear clothing and shoes that they are able to take of easily, they should also wear jewelry that is easy to take off and put back on. Tripps Travel Network reminds travelers to always make sure that they have all of their belongings once they pass through the checkpoint and head towards their gates

Keep electronics in an easy-to-reach place

Tripps Travel Network shares that when going through the security checkpoint, it is necessary to take computers and other electronics out of their bags and cases. In order to expedite this process, Tripps Travel Network suggests that travelers have their laptops in hand and not packed into their carry-on luggage under clothes and other items. That way, the computer is easily accessible and will not take much time to remove from its case.

By following these simple tips, fall travelers are sure to have a much more pleasant and stress-free airport checkpoint experience.

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